Spathiphyllum and Dieffenbachia


The lush spathiphyllum plant is one of the few flowering plants that blooms reliably indoors. Paired with a dieffenbachia, this is a great plant gift.


Approx. 24 x 22




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Mylar Balloon +$4.99
Boxed Chocolates +$21.99
Full Size Greeting Card +$4.50
Large Plush Bear +$37.99
Medium Plush Bear +$14.99

6 Piece Chocolate Truffle Box


6 (1.5oz) assorted chocolate truffles. The Sweet Shop truffles are handmade and hand packed. 


Half Gallon Cookie Jar


Nam's bits are homemade cookies and come in a glass jar with red polkadot ribbon.

Perfect for birthdays, get well gift,  or any day!

Half Gallon Glass Jar= 20oz of amazing cookies!

Local Delivery Only


12Piece Chocolate Truffle Box


12 pieces of handmade and handpacked chocolate truffles. A Sweet Shop USA Truffle is a chocolate center with either one or two coatings of chocolate. Sweet Shop USA has developed recipes for a velvet soft, smooth center, without the course, grainy feel. Each center is hand-formed and hand-dipped in coatings of chocolate, and then personally signed or decorated by the dipper, to identify the piece. A Sweet Shop truffle is usually identifiable by its size, each piece weighing approximately 1.5 oz. The Sweet Shop truffles are handmade and hand packed. 


Mylar Balloon


Send a cheerful helium filled balloon with your flowers.  We'll shoose an apporpraite balloon for the occasion.  I Love You, Happy Birthday, Get Well Soon, Happy Anniversary, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Mother's Day and more.


Greeting Card


Send a full size greeting card.  We'll choose an appropriate card for the occasions and hand write your message.