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Pepper Plants


We love growing peppers in our Atlanta area greenhouses.  We sow the seed and grow the plants right here in Stone Mountain.  Shop with us for the healthiest plants and expert garden advice for helping you grow the best vegetable garden ever!


ACE- Hybrid. Sweet Bell Pepper. Tolerant of cooler weather. 50 days green, 70 days red ripe

CALIFORNIA WONDER GOLD- Heirloom. Bright gold, maturing to orange. 70 days

CALIFORNIA WONDER GREEN- Heirloom. Introduced in 1928. Sweet bell perfect for stuffing. 75 days

EARLY SUNSATION- Hybrid. Earliest producer. 69 days. Large yellow sweet bell. Mature from green to gold. Bacterial Spot resistant.

FLAVORBURST- Hybrid. Grows from green to yellow to golden yellow-orange. Sweet flavor with a hint of citrus taste. 75 days.

KARMA- Hybrid. Sweet Bell Pepper. Large bright red when mature. 68 days. Flavorful and sweet. Disease resistant. Large plants require staking.

PIMIENTO- Hybrid. Technically, a chili, but so mild we call it sweet. Also known as cherry peppers. 78 days.

SWEET BANANA- Hybrid. Prolific producer.   Fruit matures from yellow to orange, then red when fully ripe.     75 days.    



BANGKOK- Hybrid. Very hot small Thai chili. Large upright plants . 75 days green, 95 days to ripe red.

BHUT JOLOKIA-GHOST PEPPER- Heirloom. Super hot (1 million Scoville units). Slow growing. 100-120 days to maturity. Thin walled bumpy fruits 2-3" long.

CARIBBEAN RED- Hybrid. Red habanero pepper- 1-2" fruit are hotter than the common orange. Heavy producer. 90 day

CAROLINA REAPER- Guinness World Record holder as hottest pepper. Sweet, fruity flavor, HOT follow-up. 90 days

EARLY JALAPENO- Hybrid. Heavy yield, good jalapeno kick. Only 65 days to maturity.

FATALII- Habanero type. 3" long fruits, citrusy taste then HOT.

FISH PEPPER- Heirloom. Popular mid-century in African -American restaurants. Variegated plant and fruit. Beautiful and tasty with a hint of hot. 80 days

HABANERO- Good heat, good flavor. Great in sauces. Up to 100x the heat of a Jalapeno. 95-100 days.

HOLE MOLE- Hybrid. Grows fast, in beds or containers. Tangy, spicy flavor. 85 days

HUNGARIAN HOT WAX- Heirloom. Medium to extra hot. Great for pickling. 70 days

JALAFUEGO- Hybrid. Large, crack-resistant fruit. Great flavor. 70 days

JALAPENO EARLY- Hybrid. Heavy yield, good jalapeno kick. Only 65 days to maturity.

POBLANO- Popular chili pepper, gentle heat. Dry for chili powder. 85 days

SCOTCH BONNET ORANGE- Ripen to a bright orange. Very hot with smoky flavor. Plants grow to 30", perfect for containers. 120 days

SCOTCH BONNET YELLOW- Small peppers with fruity flavor. Lots of heat! Used in Caribbean recipes. 95 days

TABASCO- Heirloom. Very hot with good flavor. Ripens from green to orange, maturing at red. 85    days

THAI HOT CHILI- Heirloom from Thailand. Attractive plant and fruit. Very hot, very prolific. 85 days.






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