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Raised Garden Beds

unnamed-2-.jpgRaised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds are a great way to garden. They help maximize harvests by the efficient use of space.  Growing in a raised garden helps to reduce weeds, prevent soil compaction and allows for good water drainage.  They also keep your valuable soil and amendments from being washed away in heavy rains.  For many gardeners, working in a raised bed helps to reduce back fatigue or strain.   Our kits are very easy to assemble.  We've even calculated how much soil you'll need to fill your bed.  With each kit purchased we'll start you off with free plants to get you growing.

Starting a Raised Garden Bed: 

Locate a site for your bed that receives full sun for at least 6 hours each day.

Be sure there’s a water source nearby.

Remove grass and perennial weeds from area where bed will be placed 

Use a fork or spade to break up soil 4”-6” deep to aid drainage.

TO FILL:  We recommend using

60% Topsoil-If you’re a resident of DeKalb County you can visit one of the county’s sanitation locations for free much and compost to use in place of topsoil.

40% Soil Amendmen- Mushroom Compost, Cow Manure and Soil Conditioner are good choices. These products are available at Hall’s Garden Center.

4x4 Bed  Topsoil-8.5 Cubic feet    Soil Amendment-5.5 cubic feet

8x4 Bed  Topsoil-16 cubic feet    Soil Amendment 11 cubic feet

Delivery is available in Metro Atlanta. If you have any questions please give us a call at 404-292-8447.  We'd love to help you!