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Locally grown Poinsettias in Atlanta Georgia


Make Poinsettias Part of Your Holiday Celebration

The Poinsettia plant is the #1 live plant sold in the United States today and also the most misspelled (pointsetta, pointsettas, pointsettia, poinsetta or poinsettas) . A native of Mexico, the poinsettia was introduced to the US in 1828 and quickly began a symbol of the Christmas season. Representing over 85% of holiday plant sales, the poinsettia plant is a Christmas tradition.  Hall’s Flower Shop & Garden Center offers a wide variety of poinsettias. Each year we grow several varieties in lots of colors - from traditional red, burgundy, white, peach, and even marble or speckled varieties. Enjoy a Hall’s poinsettia plant in your home this holiday season!

Poinsettia Plants Born & Raised In Atlanta GA

At Hall’s, poinsettia plant production begins in July with the arrival of fresh rooted cuttings. Our poinsettias are raised in a professional environment under the care of Ken Hall. The result - our plants last longer and produce more vivid blooms than those of our competitors. When you buy a poinsettia plant from Hall’s, you can be sure that you are getting a florist-quality vibrant plant!

Buy a Beautiful Poinsettia Plant Today

When the holidays arrive, visit Hall’s Flower Shop and Garden Center for the finest poinsettia plant selection in town! Whether you're looking for a great gift or decorating your own home or office, our Christmas poinsettias will make the perfect addition to your holiday decor. Come see our greenhouse, located in Stone Mountain GA.

Poinsettia Care:

- Water:Check the soil frequently. When it is dry to the touch, water thoroughly. Do not allow the plant to sit in standing water. A good method is to water the plant in the sink, letting water drain out the container. Be sure to empty saucers of any water that drains out. Be careful not to allow water to collect inside of a decorative container cover.

- Light:Place poinsettias near a sunny window where it will have the most sunlight, being careful not to let the plant touch the cold windowpane. Sunlight helps keep poinsettia colors strong!

- Temperature:Poinsettias do best when daytime temps are between 65 and 70 degrees. Do not allow overnight temps to fall below 60 degrees to prevent root rot. Also, avoid hot or cold drafts to prevent leaf drop.

Poinsettias Are Not Poisonous:http://www.georgiapoisoncenter.org/faq/q-is-the-poinsettia-still-considered-to-be-extremely-toxic/

All of our Poinsettias sold at Hall's are grown right here in our Stone Mountain Greenhouses.

Ken's done it again, locally grown Poinsettias right here in our Stone Mtn greenhouses. If you've never seen a Hall's poinsettia you should stop by. They are NOTHING like what you see at the big box stores. Our Poinsettias are big, bright and well cared by our expert staff. Perfect for your home, office, church and folks love it when they receive one as a gift.

We've been growing locally way before it was the cool thing to do! It's Ken's 37th Poinsettia crop grown right here in our Stone Mountain greenhouses! Stop on by, snap a few family photos and purchase a Poinsettia you will enjoy beyond the New Year. 

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