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Fun Fresh Summer Flowers

Fun Fresh Summer Flowers

5th Jul 2016

Hello summer; summer parties, summer cookouts, summer vacation, summer weddings, summer birthdays, summer anniversaries.  Can you tell we love summer here at the flower shop?   Summer celebrations seem to have a relaxed feeling to them, a more casual dress code, lighter food and lots of color. The longer daylight of summer, especially early evening, is a perfect time for gathering on the porch or patio with friends and family.  Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you can’t include fresh cut flowers in your summer celebration decor.  Every day we have customers coming into our store asking which flowers last the longest and how to properly care for fresh cut flowers.  Whether you’re purchasing flowers for yourself or to give to someone as a gift, we want you to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible!

First of all choose the right flowers.  Its summer and it’s hot, especially here in the Metro Atlanta area.  Our AC units are working overtime just to keep us comfortable.  By choosing flowers in season, and caring for them properly, you'll get  to enjoy your bouquet for the party and beyond.  Here’s a list of some of our favorite flowers for summertime.

Hydrangea- Hydrangeas invoke the spirit of a southern summer with its warm evenings and sunny days.  Cut hydrangeas are available in a palette of fresh summer hues including white, purple, blue and several shades of pink.  Immature white blooms are green and add a sense of freshness to the arrangement.  Blooms range in size from small baseballs to dinner plates and often provide the wow factor of a mixed bouquet.  Hydrangeas are heavy water drinkers; hence the word hydra in their name so be sure to design your Hydrangeas in a vase that can hold lots of water and keep the water filled to the top. On a rare occasion, hydrangeas blooms can wilt and look like they are beyond reviving.  If this happens to you, re-cut the stem and submerge the entire bloom from stem to petals in a sink filled with fresh clean cool water.  It only takes about 20-30 minutes for your hydrangea bloom to perk back up so it can be replaced into the design.  This procedure often works for roses too but they may take a few more minutes for the stem and flowers to re-hydrate.

Lilies- If you love a flower with lots of fragrance Oriental Lilies are a perfect choice.  From pure white to the romantic Starfighter or Stargazer Pink, Oriental Lilies are sure to get lots of attention.  Although Asiatic Lilies lack fragrance they make up for it with their bright colors of orange, yellow, white and pink.  With three to four blooms per stem watching each bloom open one at a time provides many days of enjoyment.  We love creating bouquets of lilies by themselves or mixed with hydrangeas and roses.  Lilies hold up very well during the warm summer months making them a smart choice for party bouquets celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

Chrysanthemum- Before you begin wondering why we’re including Chrysanthemums in our list, take some time and give these long lasting cut flowers another look.

Fuji Mums- Dramatic single stem blooms in purple, white and yellow, Fuji mums look stylish with just a few stems in a vase along with a variegated Aspidistra Leaf.  We love placing these types of bouquets in unexpected places including the powder room, breakfast nook in the kitchen or on the bedside table.

Button Mums- Oh my goodness, we think Button Mums should win the cute flower award if one was ever given. They come in bright, and we mean bright, yellow and green, also known as Kermit Poms, rust, lavender and white.  Button Mums add a pop of color wherever they are used.  We especially love using Button Mums for the classic buttonhole boutonnière.  With their thick stems and sturdy petals,  mums are a sure bet to hold up well during the hot summer months.

Daisy Mums- The old saying fresh as a Daisy is still true today.With their multiple blooms on each stem and variety of summer colors in white, yellow and lavender, these mums can really stretch your flower budget and will last for at least a week or more.Placing daisies in small vases around the house is a fun way to decorate for the season.  Daisies pair well with Babies Breath and sprigs of Ivy in a vase for a sweet summer bouquet perfect for a little girl’s birthday or a baby shower.

Birds of Paradise- Bird of Paradise blooms are a perfect summer flower.Their bright tropical colors of orange, yellow and a spot of purple make us daydream about relaxing on far away beaches on some exotic island with a cool drink in our hand.  We recommend 3 or more of these big showy blooms in a tall vase with tropical foliage to create a striking bouquet that will last for a week or more. Tall flowers like Birds of Paradise are a perfect way to decorate a buffet table by adding lots of color without taking up too much table space.

Once you have your flowers home or at your party venue keep them cool in an air conditioned place.  Flowers don’t like being placed near drafts, sunny windows or being near appliances that give off heat.  Never leave fresh flowers inside your car to run one more errand; you’ll want to keep the flowers cool and get them home right away.  Be sure to keep the vase filled to the top with water since every stem might not go all the way to the bottom of the vase.  Keep the water in the vase fresh and clean by replacing every few days.  We use best practices in conditioning our flowers when they arrive at our store by using the most advanced floral preservatives and procedures available.  We recommend using fresh room temperature water in your flower vases.  Adding bleach, sugar, soda or other home remedies might actually shorten the vase life of your blooms.  If you feel the need to add additional floral preservative to your vase we’re happy to send you home with a few packets, be sure to follow the instructions included on the packaging.

No matter what celebrations you have planned this summer, we’re here to help you make it beautiful.  Remember to treat yourself to flowers every now and then.It’s proven that flowers make people happy and we all deserve a bit of cheer.