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Holiday Party Decorations and Games

Holiday Party Decorations and Games

11th Dec 2018

There is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with holiday-themed decorations for your upcoming party at home or at the office. Get any space Christmas ready with the perfect holiday flower arrangement from Hall's Flower Shop & Garden Center serving local Atlanta residents living in Stone Mountain, Decatur, Lilburn, Lithonia, Snellville and Tucker.

Let flower decor set the holiday mood

Holidays have a way of bringing everyone together to make memories. Sometimes it includes bringing together different family, friends or coworkers that may not know each other very well. Let our professional floral design staff help get your space decorated for the perfect Christmas party or dinner. Our stunning Christmas TraditionBouquet will instantly bring Christmas spirit to any room. Or consider our Ho Ho Ho Christmas Tree to add a festive touch.

Let the games begin! 

Pin the Nose on Rudolph is a great family holiday game. An alternative to Rudolph would be Pin the Nose on the Snowman. Rudolph or the snowman can be drawn on a large sheet of paper or printed out. Cut out a red nose for Rudolph or a carrot for the snowman. Add tape to the back of the noses. Blindfold the participant and spin them around. Place the participant in the general direction of Rudolph or the snowman and see how close they can get. Label their attempt with their name and see whoever can get the closest. 

A Christmas twist on some favorite games would be Christmas Carol Pictionary or Christmas movie trivia. These games would be great to play with those who are Christmas movie or music buffs. Christmas Carol Pictionary is the classic Pictionary game where teams draw popular carols. Once the opposite team knows what the carol is, they’ll have to sing the song to get their points. Christmas movie trivia can be as general or as in depth as the party wishes. Print out trivia sheets and get the party started! 

Everyone has the chance to win something with the holiday game called Cellophane Santa. A couple boxes of Saran wrap is needed. Gather small items that will be placed in the layers of Saran wrap. Pieces of candy, small toys or trinkets and some jackpot items in the center. Candy bars, gift cards or toys are great options. Create the jackpot, wrap it into a ball of Saran wrap and continue wrapping in layers. Eventually, you’ll have a large Saran wrap ball with layers and layers of goodies. Play musical chairs with the ball. Whoever is holding the ball when the music stops can try to unwrap until the music starts. 

A game that tests everyone’s drawing abilities is the Christmas Paper Plate Game. In this game, everyone needs a paper plate and a marker. Party-goers place the paper plate on top of their heads and draw a Christmas scene. The most accurate drawing wins. This game allows everyone to get creative in a fun and challenging way. 

Wrapping presents can be a challenge. This game makes it even harder. In the game Three-Armed Race, two contestants tie their arms together and wrap a present. The team that successfully wraps a present, wins. To make it more interesting, have rounds where winning teams compete against each other until the final round.

Hall's Flower Shop & Garden Center have arrangements that fit any Christmas decorator’s needs. They’ll add holiday spirit to a Christmas game night or a festive office party. Have fun this holiday season, enjoy time with the people you care about and make this holiday season the best one yet.