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How to Care for a Peace Lily Plant

How to Care for a Peace Lily Plant

10th Aug 2016

Peace Lilies are a popular houseplant. 

Their exotic leaves and bright white blooms add life and warmth to any décor. Our customers enjoy getting and giving Peace Lilies as a gift for all occasions including sympathyget well, and welcome to your new job. Peace Lilies are easy to care for in your home or office and can thrive for many years of enjoyment. We think Peace Lilies are just about the perfect houseplant and even NASA agrees by stating Peace Lilies have been determined it to be one of the best plants for cleaning toxins from the air.

What to do when you receive a Peace Lily as a Gift

If you received a Peace Lily as a gift it may have arrived wrapped in foil, or in a basket, or a ceramic pot. Before you can care for your plant properly make sure it’s a happy plant in it’s new home. If you want to keep the foil wrap on the pot, make some cuts in the foil along the bottom of the pot to allow water to drain then place the foil wrapped pot on a drain tray to protect tables and floors. If your plant arrived in a basket, remove the plant from the basket along with any packing used to secure the plant. Most plant baskets are lined with plastic or contain a drain tray to keep the interior of the basket dry. We recommend removing your Peace Lily from the basket when watered to allow the excess water to drain away before returning it to the basket. If your Peace Lily arrived planted in a ceramic or decorative container, check to see if the container has drain holes. If it does then there is nothing more for you to do than care for and enjoy your plant. If your container doesn’t have drain holes consider transplanting the plant into a nursery pot with drain holes and then setting the nursery pot into the decorative one. Remember to remove the plant for watering just as described above for plants in a basket. So now, let's talk about about drainage and why it’s so important for maintaining a healthy and happy Peace Lily.

Watering and Drainage- How to water your Peace Lily to keep it healthy and beautiful.

Peace Lilies need to be watered regularly but they never want to be sitting in a pot or container with a puddle of water at the bottom of it. They like to be kept moderately moist which means giving them a good watering by saturating the root ball and then allowing all the excess water to drain from the pot. Never allow your plant to remain sitting in the water that has drained from the pot because your Peace Lily won’t use it up later and it could lead to health problems for your plant. Don’t water your plant again until the soil is dry. How quickly your plants dry out is determined by the conditions in your home or office.  If it's hot and dry the plant will dry quicker than if your home is kept cool with adequate humidity. Don't rely on a schedule for watering your Peace Lily but instead get to know your plant by learning what it's telling you.   If the top 3 inches of the soil are not dry a week after watering wait until the plant tells you it needs water by bending its knees; The knees are a structure in the plant stem right below the leaf that allows the leaves to wilt without crimping the stem and causing damage to the leaf.  Another way to tell if your plant needs watering is by checking the weight of the pot. There is a definite difference in the heft of a wet root ball and that of a dry one. Once you become acquainted with the different conditions of your plant, you will find it easier to understand what it needs.

Should your plant become so dry that the water simply runs out of the pot without being absorbed by the soil place the plant, in it’s pot, into a large enough bucket to allow water to come one third of the way up the pot. Allow the plant to sit in the water for ONLY 15-20 minutes. This should be adequate amount of time to saturate the root ball. Allow your plant to drain fully before replacing it in it’s basket or ceramic container.

BE AWARE -The same signs that alert you to a dry plant will also show evidence of a plant that is too wet. If your plant has good drainage it's most likely that you’ve been watering it too frequently. Your Peace Lily will droop and look as though it's wilting.  Take a closer look and you’ll see that the soil is saturated with water and the roots will have declining growth. The best way to correct this is to allow the plant’s root ball to dry out by placing the plant in an area of good air circulation. You might even consider removing the root ball from the pot and allowing it to air out. Allowing the plant’s soil to dry out will help stop the decline but be aware the roots have been overwhelmed so in future waterings water just enough to keep the plant from wilting. If you continue the cycle of too wet soil by overwatering your Peace Lily it will only guarantee the complete decline of the plant.

Giving your Peace Lily the right amount of Light

One of the reasons Peace Lilies are wonderful houseplants is that they can tolerate low light and even enjoy bright indirect light. Placing your plant near a North or West-facing window is best since the sun won’t shine directly on the leaves. If placed in a room where the light conditions are too strong for its tastes the leaves will become sunburn and will get a gray to black coloring to them. Peace Lilies sunburn relatively quickly so never leave them in the direct sun for even the shortest time. Any leaves that burn should be removed by following the stem down to near the base of the plant and cut with a sharp scissors.

Peace Lilies are happiest at temperatures from 65-80 degrees and they don’t like quick changes in temperatures. Make sure your plant enjoys a more consistent temperature by keeping them away from the path of any air vents, hot or cool, or where the cold air coming in an open door will affect it.

Does my Peace Lily need to be re-potted?

Healthy Peace Lilies will become pot bound in one to two years and will need to be re-potted. Being pot bound is when a plant no longer holds water in its soil or when the roots grow out of the bottom of the pot. When repotting your Peace Lily, measure the size of the pot it’s currently in and choose a new pot that is only one size larger. For example, a plant in a 4-inch pot should be re-potted into a 6-inch pot and so on.

How to re-pot a Peace Lily plant

  • Remove your plant from its original container. If the roots are tangled or matted or growing in a circle gently separate some of the roots out of the mass and loosen some of the soil around the roots.
  • Place enough soil in the bottom of the new pot to raise the root ball to the proper level in the pot (1/2-1” below the rim).
  • Place the root ball into the new pot so that the surface of the root ball is at the proper level.
  • Fill soil around root ball, settling new soil in pot to same level. Water as usual.
  • Watch our Video to see just how easy it is!

Do I need to Fertilize my Peace Lily Plant?

Peace Lilies don’t need to be fertilized often but once or twice during the spring and summer months will certainly be appreciated.. Dilute an application of a 20-20-20 fertilizer at ½ or ¼ strength. Fertilizing more often or with a stronger solution doesn’t guarantee more blooms or a happier plant but can burn the plant’s roots and damage the plant’s leaves. Most blooming is inspired by changing to either darker or brighter light conditions.

We hope you have many years of enjoyment with your Peace Lily by following our care guide. If you have any questions about growing or caring for Peace Lilies please give us a call. Our plant experts are here to help you. Hall’s offers repotting services for all types of container grown plants. Please call our store for a price quote. 

If you'd like to give a Peace Lily plant as a gift or treat yourself to one you can shop for Peace Lilies at, in our store at 5706 Memorial Drive Stone Mountain Georgia  or over the phone at 404-292-8446.  We deliver Peace Lilies and an assortment of houseplants throughout Metro Atlanta including Decatur GaTucker, Snellville and Lithonia.