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Here at Hall's Flower Shop & Garden Center your special occasion is our greatest priority. That’s why we guarantee 100% satisfaction on all floral and gift items. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, please contact us at 404-292-8446 or 800-969-4255 within five days of the delivery of your item. We promise to handle your order and concerns with the utmost care.

Garden Center

Open Monday-Saturday 8:30-5:30 | 5706 Memorial Drive Stone Mtn Ga 30083



Edibles – Fruit trees, blueberry bushes, and strawberry plants are just a few of the wonderful plants that provide us with luscious goodies. Vegetable gardens for both cool and warm weather can keep your plates full, as well. Whether you have vast acreage or a sunny balcony, there are many choices for you to try.


Annuals: An annual is a plant that completes its life cycle within a year. They do not return the following year, but what a show they make during their season! Annuals add the punch of non-stop color to your garden. Whether planted in beds by themselves, or added to the existing landscape for color interest, they are the workhorses of the color garden.


Perennials:  Perennial plants bloom for a shorter period of time than annuals, but they return each season. By planning well, perennials can be incorporated into the garden so that as one slows down blooming, another is getting ready to give a show providing season long color.  They are the foundation of many garden designs.


Trees and shrubs- Trees and shrubs are generally the first considerations in a landscape design. Their placement provides background for other plantings and eventual shade for your yard. Many trees and shrubs also have beautiful blooms for a time, adding to the landscape color. Deciduous trees and shrubs lose their leaves every winter, while evergreens retain their leaves.

Garden Solution

Solutions - Are bugs bugging you? Are rainy days getting you down? Are your plants doing something besides looking fabulous? Check with us for advice on dealing with all the surprises gardening has to offer.

House Plants

Houseplants: There is no better addition to your home décor than a living green plant. Plants can add a touch of elegance to a dreary spot, but did you know that they also help clean the air in the room? The perfect plant for the perfect spot can make a wonderful 

Tomato Plants

Pepper Plants

Herb Plants

Visit Hall’s Atlanta Garden Center For Quality And Value

Hall’s Garden Center has been one of Atlanta’s favorite places to buy plants since we started out in the Kirkwood neighborhood in 1946. 

Founded by Wayne Hall and now owned by his son, Ken Hall, the family tradition continues. Ken is a University of Georgia Horticulture Graduate (class of ’79). Hall’s offers the best plants, in quality and variety, most of which are sown and grown right here in our Stone Mountain greenhouses. 

We welcome all gardeners, from the “newbie” to the “seasoned perennial”. Come on by, meet our expert staff and let’s see what we can grow together!